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Issues during activating child theme

If you encounter with a typical issue when you activated child theme and you lost menu and your widgets on frontend, you will have to set primary menu again (http://support.jawtemplates.com/goodstore/web/?p=703) and for widgets simply use this plugin – https://srd.word ...

How to Update Translation

Download poedit editor. Then open file .po via poedit editor and simply update the translation by yourown. After you finish translating, save it (it created 2 files, .po and .mo. Both copy to ../goodstore/languages/ http://support.jawtemplates.com/support/translation_update. ...

How to add big searchbar into header

Put into Theme Options -> Custom Code -> Custom CSS this code: .header-widget-area .widget:last-child {margin-top: 8px;width: 100%;} .header-widget-area .widget_search #searchform {width: 100%;} And result will looks like this:

How to Make Top Bar Shopping Cart Scrollable

please add this to custom css (appearance->theme options->custom code->custom css) /* JAW – scrollable top bar cart */ .top-bar-woo-cart ul.cart_list.product_list_widget {     max-height: 400px;     overflow-y: scroll; }

How to make Checkout page in 2 columns

If you want to make different layout of Checkout page. Like this one: Please just add to Theme Options -> Custom Code -> Custom CSS this code: @media (min-width: 768px){ #customer_details{ width: 60%; float: left; } #order_review_heading{ ...