How to Make Swatches Plugin Compatible with our GoodStore Theme

If you want to make this 3rd party plugin compatible with our goodstore theme, you will have to customize a file. Please go to ../goodstore/woocommerce/ and open file content-single-product.php and find line 116. Comment that line, just like this.


Then you will have to go to the theme options->general settings and turn the selectric off!


Then you will have to add a custom css for proper displaying that attributes, please add this to custom css (appearance->theme options->custom code->custom css)

/* JAW - 3rd party plugin compatibility*/ .variations_data.wvas_item_container span::before { display: none; }


Please bear in mind that the goodstore was not designed that way, also its a 3rd party plugins, so we do not offer support for these due to envato terms. Thank you. 

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