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Issues during activating child theme

If you encounter with a typical issue when you activated child theme and you lost menu and your widgets on frontend, you will have to set primary menu again (http://support.jawtemplates.com/goodstore/web/?p=703) and for widgets simply use this plugin – https://srd.wordpress.org/plugins/widget- ...

How to Update Translation

Download poedit editor. Then open file .po via poedit editor and simply update the translation by yourown. After you finish translating, save it (it created 2 files, .po and .mo. Both copy to ../goodstore/languages/ http://support.jawtemplates.com/support/translation_update.mp4

How to add big searchbar into header

Put into Theme Options -> Custom Code -> Custom CSS this code: .header-widget-area .widget:last-child {margin-top: 8px;width: 100%;} .header-widget-area .widget_search #searchform {width: 100%;} And result will looks like this: