How to Change a Cart Icon on Top Bar

Its a quite easy, please go to ..\themes\goodstore\templates\header\top_bar\ and open file woo_cart.php. On line 3 you should see this icon-cart3, simply change the icon-cart3 for another one (e.g. here) We got this If you want to change image instead of icon, please add thi ...

How to Add Another Custom Banner

please go to ..\plugins\jaw-widgets\widgets\ and open file jaw_banner_widget.php. You should see this protected $options = array( 0 => array(‘id’ => ‘custom_banner’, ‘description’ => ‘Banner’, ...

How to Customizate Product Category Info

You can set its opacity by default in appearance->theme options->styling options->woocommerce->Product Categories Info Opacity If you want to make it more customizable, please add this to custom css appearance->theme options->custom code->custom css .woo ...

How to Set Product Box Style for Up-Sells

Please go to ../themes/goodstore/ and open file content-product.php Simply change number of variable $type to e.g. this $type = 11; The values are 0, 1, 2, 10, 11, 20 represtent product box styles