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Customizing 'Additional Information' with Custom Fields

  • Hi there. I'd like to add my custom fields (Artist, Country, Materials) to my product page.
    I noticed your guide to adding custom fields.

    My issue is that I would like to add the information to the table of the "Additional Information" below the pictures, not up by the title/price.
    I've been searching the support forums and google to see if I can figure out where to edit this, but can't quite figure it out.
    All the Woocommerce support assumes I have /woocommerce/templates/some_file.php that doesn't exist in the /goodstore/ theme folder.

    I can play with the table structure/php lookups/etc myself, I just wanted to know which file I would use to edit this?

    If this isn't possible, is there another way to add this field information so that it gets stored in the Additional Information area? It's really the most logical place to put these extra fields.

    Thanks for your help!
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