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Empty Shopping Cart by Multisite Woocommerce

  • Hey there,
    First my english it´s not perfect :-D So nopw my problem. I made a website in 3 languages ( DE,EN,ES ). I use the booking plugin Bookly ( http://booking-wp-plugin.com/ ), and for the translations i use WPML ( https://wpml.org/ ). So everything works only one point not. The shopping cart in the languages EN and ES dosn´t work, the shopping cart is allways emtpy. In the german version works everthing perfect. I am in contact with the support from WPML and Bookly, but till now nobody could help. What i saw, in the topbar from the theme, the shopping cart change not the language, the rest change, only not the shopping cart. Really i don´t know where is the problem, i need really help....PLEASE!!!! the Link from the shop is www.tenerifetrendingtopic.com
    Kind regards...
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