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Cart and Checkout page layout malformed +My Account double logout, not redirecting properly+Shipping

  • Hello,

    We have some small issues needing attention.  Would you please help?

    1 - Our shopping cart and Checkout page seems to have lost its alignment.  A week ago the shopping cart page displayed products in a nicely evenly spaced area across most of the content area.  Now it seems squashed up to the left.  We have added some small code in the them code area but not sure thats the problem after we have done some testing.  The same goes for the Checkout Page.

    2 - The My Account Area has two logout buttons and both lead to the jaw templates website we need to redirect back to ours.

    3 - not and issue but a question of possibility.  Is it possible to show the shipping on the individual product page  under the price and in the cart page (shipping  sub for each product)?

    Thanks in advance as always.
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