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Custom sidebar issues with WPML

  • Hello,

    I have a GoodStore site (in development) that uses WPML. I have a custom sidebar for English pages, and a different custom sidebar for Chinese pages. The English sidebar is named "Default Sidebar". The Chinese sidebar is named "Default Sidebar (Zh)".

    I have different product categories set up using WPML. Each category has an English version and a corresponding Chinese version. For the English category, I set the sidebar to "Default Sidebar", and for the Chinese category I set the sidebar to "Default Sidebar (Zh)".

    What I expected to see:
    In the English category page, I expected to see the "Default Sidebar" being used.
    In the Chinese category page, I expected to see the "Default Sidebar (Zh)" being used.

    What I actually see:
    In the English category page, I see what I expected.
    In the Chinese category page, I see contents of the "Default Sidebar" instead of "Default Sidebar (Zh)".

    English: [see link]/product-category/category/ceiling/
    Chinese: [see link]/%E5%95%86%E5%93%81%E5%88%86%E7%B1%BB/category-zh/ceiling-zh/?lang=zh-hans

    You'll see that in both pages, the sidebar heading shows "English Test" which is what I put in the widget in "Default Sidebar". In "Default Sidebar (Zh)", I had written "Chinese Test" instead, but it doesn't show.

    Can you advise on how to fix this?

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