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I have latest vesion, but i still see notice about new version

Please go to Dashboard -> Updates -> and click on Check again

How to turn off navigation bar (breadcrumbs, search, sort)

To hide breadcrumb on category page, please go to Posts -> Categories -> choose Category -> Switch on Category Bar and set Category Bar Content to "breadcrumb"

To hide breadcrumb on page, please go to Pages -> choose Page what you want to change and in metabox General Settings find Navigation Bar and switch it on.

To hide breadcrumb on post, please go to Posts -> Choose Post what you want and switch off Navigation Bar in General Settings.

How to change color of template

If you want set the main color please go to Appearance -> Theme Options -> Styling Options -> Template Styling Settings.

How to change color of category

For change color of category, please go to Posts -> Categories -> Go to any category and here you can see color settings.

How to change color of page

For change page(blog) please go to Pages and choose page what you want. Now please scroll down at General Settings and now you can see the color settings.

I can't see google ads

Automatic updates of FlyingNews template

How to use Blog shortcode?

Basic usage:
[blog count="6" cats="3" order="ASC" orderby="date" pagination="number"]
And here is list of all attributes:
  • count
  • cats
  • author
  • tag__in
  • posts
  • paged
  • order
  • orderby
  • dateformat
  • pagination
  • excerpt
  • metaauthor
  • metacategory
  • metadate
  • metacomments
  • metacaption
  • ratings
  • slider
  • slider_source
  • slider_max
  • image_clickable
  • image_lightbox
  • post__not_in
  • post_type
  • post_parent__in

Facebook widget shows error: Application request reached

This could means that your server (IP address) is connecting to facebook server so many times.
Or your access token is used so many times.
There is a limit (600 calls per 600 seconds)

Please try generate unique API key only for FlyingNews theme.
Please try increase cache time of that widget.
If you're using some plugin, which is alse connected to facebook server. Please check their cache time.
Another problem can be shared IP addresses on your server hosting service.
If multiple domains share one IP so another domains can empty that limit.

For more go to FAQ