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Creating user generated bundles with existing products. Any way to do this?

  • Hello. First of all very cool theme. I need to do something like allowing buyers to create custom bundles from existing items. Please see the image below (which is just a mockup). 

    The buyer must be able to pick a type of balloon, then a type of teddy bear and then choose the color of the balloon - before checking out. I searched a bit but can't really find a way to do this. Can you please hint if there's any woocommerce plugin which allows this or if you can provide any custom coding to allow this option in the theme (let me know of your price and time taken too if this is an option).

    It's quite urgent since we have to launch the website we're doing by the 10th of May. Will be grateful if you can hint on how to proceed.

    Thanks and regards,


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