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Multiple Page Post

  • Sorry I keep asking so many questions but your help has been greatly improving my site. Plus I am learning a lot!

    If you go to my page here.  You will see it is a (2) page post. The page numbers show up at the bottom okay, but I feel like they are easily missed. Especially on mobile.

    How could we add the "Next" arrow and "Previous" arrow in front and behind the page numbers so that people can more easily see there is multiple pages on the post. (Gets their attention better.) Maybe using the same images for ">" and "<" at the top of the post? The next and previous article images?

    I know I need to edit the loop-post.php file, but I was hoping maybe you could help with the code?

    Lastly, if the arrows are not possible. I would like to at least be able to post "Pages:" In front of the page numbers so it's like

    "Pages: 1, 2, 3"

    Thanks again guys!

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