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Suggestion for improvement (TAB POSTS - J&W Widget)

  • Hi, a suggestion for improvement!

    I would like to fit the TAB Posts - J&W - Widget. 
    Criteria would be: 
    1 button(highlights) / 2 button (new article) 3 button (top article) – ok this is possible! But i would select my own selection(!) i.e. to enter in a text field numbers or categories (100, 200, 355, etc.) – this does not work. Settings for this (Image / Text only)

    *I find only in the previous adaptations (Widget) according  the programming : Popular Posts / Recent Posts / Recent coments / Tags / Ratings.

    Is there is a possibility that you program this widget soon and update? Name: TABPosts – J&W widget "PLUS" or so - or  do you have another idea?
    Thank you for your reply

    Bildschirmfoto 2014-09-22 um 10.32.15
    Bildschirmfoto 2014-09-22 um 10.33.01
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