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A few alterations requested

  • Hi there, loving the theme and I'm almost able to go live with this new website I'm building.
    Client has requested a few changes that I can't seem to track down or make work:

    • Want to change the flash that says "FEATURED PRODUCT" which appears on the image of a product. Want it to say BRAND NEW (they mainly deal in 2nd hand clothing but some are brand new without tags).
    • Remove the SORT BY DEFAULT SORTING thing. I've googled this one as well but none of the suggested coding removes it.
    • This is a longshot. Can the images be shrunk to fit into their display boxes proportionally, instead of it cropping the image to make it fit? This would cause white space to appear around the image obviously, but they have asked for this if possible.
    • How can we adjust how long a product is marked "NEW" for? Want to reduce it to 12 days if possible.

    Many, many thanks for any help on these questions. Theme looks awesome on iPad btw.
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