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Two Suggestions

  • Hello
    I have two suggestions for you. 

    1. On the check out page, where you are putting your name, address in, etc. I would be great to have a copy of the cart contents and totals somewhere. Same on the credit card page ( for me that is the next page with paypal advanced plugin ). When customers see what they are buying when entering their personal information, this give them more confidence in ordering.

    2. Search improvement. Standard Woo commerce product searching is lousy. I know there are things like A3 Predictive Search and yith ajax. Frankly, they are lousy too.

    I need a search that understands typo's. 
    Example, I sell Men's T-Shirt
    But if you search my site for tshirt, or T-Shirts nothing comes up. This is because woo commerce does not understand what to do with the "-" and the "s" at the end. It would be great to have a search feature that take into account possible product alternative names. Something we can tell the system, if someone searched for MENS, they really mean Men's. If you had predictive search, that would also be great. I would pay for these features.


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