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Duplicate Posts in Post Stream on Front Page

  • Hello,

    First, thanks for the beautiful theme. It was well worth the money to my client.

    We're having an intermittent issue where posts on the front page are sometimes duplicated. Specifically, we have the featured-area slider/rotator set to use sticky posts, and to also shows the posts below. This works fine. However, when you scroll down and more posts are loaded dynamically, some of those posts are repeats of what was above. At times, this issue doesn't even show up. But, at least half of the time it is happening. I did notice there was a newer version of the theme available, but the release notes did not mention anything related to this issue, so I have not upgraded at this time. WP 3.9.1, FlyingNews 2.9

    Once the problem has been reproduced by JaW, we can discuss methods for debugging, as I want to approach making any changes with caution.

    Thank you!
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