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Accordion and Tabs not possible to change

  • Hi,
    I used this theme before the looong inactivity of the developer and now I finally could update the theme with this last update. However, many things seem not work properly. Maybe because of the update, maybe because of other problems of the theme, I don't know ...

    For now I found out that Accordions and Tables are not possible to update (the content). If I try to change ti with Revo composer, there is nothing to change in the Settings . There are some elements of Content 1, COntent 2 ... but nothing to change here.  If I try to change it with Text composer, then after actualize, all design of the page is messed up. If I look at the Live preview, nothing is showed, the element just closes back.

    So, what should I do to change it?

    Thank you

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