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Essential Grid causing interference with WooCommerce add/edit products functionalities

  • Hello JaW Templates Team,

    I recently identified a problem related to edit or publish new products with WooCommerce which seems to be caused by the Essential Grid plugin. Here are few of the symptoms:
    • When I open an existing product the description and short description fields appear to be empty. It is only when I switch to the text editor that I am shown the content. Upon switching back to the visual editor I see the content appear
    • When a new product is created the description area is not editable, I need to a switch to text editor to 'enable' it but when new content is added it does not seem to be retained by the 'Save' option
    • I am unable to modify the permanent link - the edit button just does not react
    • Adding new Product category from the 'Product category' section within the product is not reacting
    • Editing the published status is not possible (buttons seem to be inactive)
    Upon debugging I have identified that when the Essential Grid plugin is switched off the problem seems to be gone. Could you please check and eventually fix this? I am unsure when this issue happened for the first time as I am rarelly adding / editing products.

    Thank you in advance for your kind assistance and further support.

    Best regards,
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