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Is Good Store Theme with RevoComposer still being supported?

  • I have a client that uses the Good Store Theme and currently they are on
    version 4.5. Their WordPress version is 5.2.4

    Inside the WordPress back-end for their site I notice they no longer
    have access to RevoComposer page editor. It is not installed under
    plugins and I don't see it on the page edit screen. I want to purchase
    support for my client's template through Theme Forest but before I do I
    have a few question:

    1. Is RevoComposer a tool created by JawTemplates?

    2. Is RevoComposer still supported and compatible with the latest
    version of WordPress 5.2.4?

    3. In the RevoComposer settings, can Guttenburg and the Classic
    WordPress editor be disabled so that the default page editor is always

    4. Is the Good Store Theme compatible with other page editors such as WP
    Bakery Pager Builder (Visual Composer)?

    Thank you,

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