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Page Not Found - File Not Found

  • There are other threads that have this issue and this is the reason I've purchased your support pack again.

    Whenever I update any pages that were imported from the demo and are using Revo Composer I get a Page not Found - File Not Found error.

    I have taken the following steps:
    1. Reinstalled Wordpress
    2. Deleted the database and run WP installation again.
    3. Deactivaated all plugins except Jaw ones
    And still no changes.

    What's strange is that it only gives me a File Not Found error on the imported pages from GoodStore - for instance the Sample Pages update without problems and also the imported Posts but NONE of the pages using Revo Composer update. They all give me the File Not Found error.

    Can you give me some indication why this is happening? I have never had this problem before and the site is running on the same server as many of my other Wordpress sites without issues. 

    I bought this theme in 2014 for a client and now they want some changes so I am using a demo site to test these first but can't edit any of the required pages. I've purchased the support package just for this issue. Please assist as soon as possible.
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