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Cant delete product in woocemmerce - its running out of stock

  • Next problem: (as allready mentioned in the topic " Revo Composer is not working anymore. Cant make any changes at the pages!")

    I mentioned that i cant change and delete: Set whiteboard markers – extra fijne punt 1-2 mm (ID: 3003)

    I noticed this yesterday when i wanted to adjust the stock from this product:

    I want to change this stock from  to 14. After editing this and save this porduct, the database didnt save this change in stock.

    Thats the reason that i allready made a new product: Set van 4 whiteboard markers – extra fijne punt 1-2 mm-new — (ID: 3407), This product is still in concept modus because i  noticed that i also CANT delete the existing product: ID: 3003.

    So this is really a problem!!! When ther are three more sells of this porduct, the product will automatically change to "out of stock", and i cant change it!!!!
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