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All 'Styling Options' in 'Theme Options' not working after FTP theme update

  • Updated the theme and child theme. All of my styling options and modifications are still listed but are not showing up on the site. I recently reset all of the options in 'Theme Options' and went back in and redid them, Saved each section and went to the website and they are still not showing up. I briefly had this problem once before after an update, but I believe that I just reloaded the updated theme files and it took care of it.

    I updated via FTP and chose to 'Overwrite' using Filezilla. I have tried to update this theme using the Envato toolkit and it just errors out every time.

    This has happened before and now I cannot get it to work. The customer is frustrated and I am wary of updating the Theme when updates are available.

    Thank you.

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