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Thumbnail size on product page wrong and does not change

  • Hi Rami,


    The thumbnails under the products are not changing to the size it should be. There to big. On your demo page they are 90 x 90 also and if you right click view image you see the image itself is 90 x 90, but with no way i can get them to display as 90 x 90. Simple image resizer has the right settings also and apperence woocommerce thumbnails also has the right setting yet it keeps stretching them to ackward size.

    It looks like when you change from having 3 thumbnails to 2 thumbnails it does adjust it, but I have products with 1 thumb only and they need to be all 90 x 90.

    Could you please have a look for me, it costed us so much time now and we can't find it.
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