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Please help! WooCommerce shop pages not displaying properly

  • 2 problems.

    1) After updating GoodStore I no longer have the ability to modify the product image sizes. They are way too big and nothing I do from the Customizer (which is what WooCommerce wants us to use now) will change anything.

    2) Also, my front shop page has disappeared. Before it displayed each product category with its corresponding product image. Now, it's just a blank page.

    What's going on?  

    This is the shop page:

    Here is a product category page, but there are 2 huge thumbnail images per row (there should be more and with smaller images).

     I have it set to allow for more images per row but they won't show. I also have tried to reduce the thumbnail sizes, but they won't change.


    I brought this issue up a couple days ago but didn't get a response. This is a live store, I need help immediately, please. I renewed my access to Tech Support just for this very issue.
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