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Upgrade NOT working

  • In recent support emails, I asked to have my template (Goodstore) looked at because when I attempted to replace the template files to upgrade to ver. 4.0, it didn't work. When a support rep accessed my wordpress directory, I then see 3 different versions of Goodstore and now they are all 2.0 versions. This has caused MAJOR issues with the website!

    I now have a transparent area when you start to scroll down where the header is located that wasn't there before. I now experience 504 (timeout) issues with anything I update, change, etc. Customers of my client who use the form on the contact page experience a LOT of lag time to submit the form (one customer clicked on submit 15 times!) I used a script in the header.php file to disable the submit button once clicked and that's not working. And now I can't see any subcategories on this page, https://connecticutshotgun.com/product-category/galazan/gun-restoration/ as there once was and I've tried everything I can to fix it.

    My client is VERY FRUSTRATED to say the least and I'm out of options - PLEASE HELP ASAP!
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