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account menu not staying to put login info in, decided to re-install, no menu coming over with demo

  • Beside the problems with woocommerce I also had problems with the account menu at the top "my account" the box with username and password is not staying and when you hover over it it just disapears. I have tried on 2 different hostings/servers and 3 different firefox but it won't stay, when you hover over it it just disapaears.

    Lucky i still needed to start for my client so I decided to install again and now the menu's do not come over even with the demo data on a fresh install. Done it twice now and no menu is getting imported from demo 8 winter.

    There is a lot wrong with theme atm and I need to get going for my client, can you fix this for me? Is there a update coming really soon for woocommerce as i really need to start for my client.
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