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problem with proportions images in woocommerce

  • Hello, i have still porblems to get my woocommerce images in the right proportions.
    As you can see in image below the image size is 273.99 x 292.99 but my images have other proportions: 
    With a height of 274 the width should be 206

    Despite i have changed the settings at the woocommmerce menu of "woo_second_image" to 274 x206px  (and after that i clicked on regenerate thumbnails and click at the save button.) the image size doesnt change.


    I also tried to change with custom css (bit i think this shouldt be the right way)
    I put the custom css
    .woocommerce .product-style-0 .image img{
    1. width274px;
    2. height293px;
    With the custom css the iamges are in the right proportions, but the heigt between the rows staus at the same size as before wich causes a unwanted white space (see A) in pic below

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