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Checkout Page Layout Fix

  • Hi there,

    On the desktop view of the GoodStore theme, the layout for the Checkout Page looks kind of bad. The Cart Totals are pushed way down the page, forcing the end-user to have to scroll down to see the totals. The element that's doing this is the YMAL/Upsell items. I've attached 3 screen shots here.

    1. GoodStore Checkout Layout CURRENT.jpg: This shows what the current layout looks like.

    2. For The Cause Checkout Layout.jpg: This is a really clean, well-aligned checkout page from a theme called "For The Cause"--this is a reference source for what I would like GoodStore checkout to look like with respect to how the elements are displayed.

    3. GoodStore GOAL.jpg: This is a mockup of the GoodStore theme made to look like the For The Cause checkout. Again, I would like to have the checkout page look like this mockup.

    Any help getting the checkout page cleaned up to look like #2/#3 would be appreciated.

    Thank you!


    For the Cause Checkout Layout
    GoodStore Checkout Layout CURRENT
    GoodStore GOAL
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