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Gallery issue & SEO error message

  • Hello Guys,

    we installed your theme, everything worked fine.

    Now, there are several issues appearing:

    1.) On the top of the page, there is always an error message displaying: You have activated Another SEO Plugin. We suggest you to turn built-in SEO via Theme Options or you can disable SEO plugin here Please bear in mind that for the best results we recommend use only one SEO (plugin or built-in) and not both. Thank you. Unfortunately, we have not installed any other seo plugin, so how can we fix this?

    2.) If I want to add a new jaw gallery, the buttons where i can select/upload the images are completely missing. As well as the thumbnails of images which are already uploaded. Please see in the screenshot attached.


    3.) Some icons, especially the ones for the gallery and the popup maker in the backend menu are missing. Is this because the plugins do not work properly?

    Thanks in advance for your answers and your help,

    best regards
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