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Header Area Breaking When Any Change Is Made to Site

  • Hello Again,

    I have successfully installed the demo content, thanks!

    But now I'm having an issue with the header area. Any time I make a change to the site, change the nav, or add the logo, or anything, the header area breaks. It looks to me like the logo is blowing out the entire area; it appears that the logo is displaying at 100%, not within the size that is designated for the logo area. And because of that, it pushes the ad banner down.

    I have tried uninstalling the demo content and re-installed it, but when I make a change, it blows out the header.
    I have also tried to swap out the logo, but that didn't work, either
    I have tried to change the way the logo/banners are placed in the header, but it is the same, no matter if the logo is on the left or right
    And lastly, I took the password off of the domain to see if for some reason that would be causing it, and it did not resolve the issue.

    And again, this site is behind a password, so I will email that to you privately.


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