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Please Fix, URGENT- Payment Failed (Status code 92201)

  • Hello Rami,

    Great day to you, current day i have been install Woocommerce subscription plugin and using recurring Braintree payment gateway. When we fully setup both on testing we facing the problem below. Showing on my current web.

    Error:Braintree (Credit Card) Subscribe Payment Failed (Status code 92201: Company name/DBA section must be either 3, 7 or 12 characters and the product descriptor can be up to 18, 14, or 9 characters respectively (with an * in between for a total descriptor name of 22 characters).) 

    Therefore I try do research on google web some developers said its 

    Braintree loads some important javascript on the checkout page. Some themes (particularly those based on the Starker base theme) cause conflicts with this javascript. There are two primary issues:
    The theme lacks the do_action( ‘get_header’ ); call when loading the checkout page — The Starker theme is an example of this issue (and any child themes of Starker). This action must be added into the theme, or we suggest using a WooCommerce-compatible theme like Storefront.The theme has incorrectly modified the review-order.php template — The Braintree javascripts requires the order review div to have the order_review class. When a theme has modified the template and changed or removed that div, this trigger cannot be bound and you’ll encounter errors. To fix this, ensure that your review-order.php template is up-to-date and has not been incorrectly modified.”
    Can you please fix it to us?Regards

    Screen Shot 2017-10-10 at 11.29.04 AM
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