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Problems with making my front page a magazine front page

  • Hello! Im having some problems with the front page. My site is a magazine, and im using Smartness. I start modifying the front page and I give the look that I want. But then I realize that I can't modify the order post because is a Static Page. So, I change that and I put "My Latest post" in the setting. But then I can't modify the front page because just show me a list of posts and I can't choose my front page, because in the menu doesnt appear an option to do thath. If I put "My latest post" my front page just put the latest post in orden and I cant modify the structure of the page. 

    My problem is that I want order my front page posts easily. And put the news of my site where I want. But im having problems with that. 

    Please, help. 

    Thank you! 
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