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Product thumbnails getting cut after WP database update

  • After I updated the wordpress database everything I upload gets cut at the top and bottom. As you can see here http://scandinavianprints.com/produktkategori/streetart/
    When it should look like this

    I have done alot of modification on the theme so not sure you can help me with this.

    I asked my programer abroad and he told me that the problem can be found under woo-size
    The property is called "woo-size". You can see it under settings as (woo-size - 274x293)
    So essentially if you don't want to limit the vertical height you'll just need to pass 0 in the second parameter. So it becomes 274x0"

    My problem is that I cant find the place where to change this.

    Like I said, I have done a lot of changes to the theme so not sure this is within your support but I give it a try : )
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