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Pages and Post will not save - Causes server to reset error

  • Hello,

    I appreciate the architecture and effort out into GoodStore and hope to use it. I'm a fairly decent developer with an error I can't correct.

    When trying to save Wordpress pages the server times out and gives a reset error in all browsers. ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE

    It does not matter if it is a new page or one from the demo content.

    I did set max_input_vars 5000 successfully in my .user.ini file and was able to verify that it passes through. Note that the max_input_vars 5000 error message has disappeared in the WP control panel but I still can't save pages.

    I've reviewed my Woocomerce status report and everything seems in order. You can also see my php environment here: http://www.pickleballnuts.com/info.php.

    Can you please log in and see what's amiss? I've provided all the information I hope you'll need. Simply login and see if you can edit then save on the home page - specifically. It should prove impossible.

    Please note: I can save and edit pages when switching to the WP 2014 or 2013 base templates.

    Thank you in advance for your time, consideration and assistance,


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