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Several problems with categories and assigned sidebars

  • Hello, I
    hope you can help me.

    I have huge(!) problems with categories (round about 450) and assigned

    Almost all
    (old) categories are effected with the following problem:

    Neither it
    is not possible to change the position of a sidebar (e.g. from right to left)
    nor to switch to another sidebar to change content.

    (Of course
    it is possible to use the dropdown-menu, but the selected option is without any



     The following categories (they are a bit
    newer) don´t have this problem.

    (Menu -> Regionalangebote)

    `Bergisches Land









    mso-ansi-language:EN-US">BUT if I assign sidebars to those categories something very strange

    With each
    new assigned sidebar to the listed catgories above the older categories are
    going to display the same sidebar-content although there is another sidebar

    Menu -> Ausflug & Aktivitäten ->Campingplätze

    assigned sidebar should be the sidebar named "Kategorie-ADS".

    But the displayed content is the content of the sidebar named "Regionale
    Angebote allgemein" added in category named `Münsterland

    more sidebars causes more wrong assignments in other (older) categories.

    Please feel
    free to try it out by using admin-rights.

    Any ideas?
    (better a solution) ;-)

    If you need  ftp-access please let me know.


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