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Google WebMaster Errors

  • We are receiving three types of errors:

    1. We get "SOME_URL" attached to the end of working urls as below:

    and this comes up as an error in Google WebMaster

    We then put the following in htaccess to alleviate the problem
    Redirect 301 /product-category/retro-consoles-hardware/nintendo-retro-consoles/nintendo-gameboy/SOME_URL https://www.videogamesjapan.com/product-category/retro-consoles-hardware/nintendo-retro-consoles/nintendo-gameboy/

    Is this bad?  Are we breaking any function to the theme?  Why are we receiving the added suffix?

    2. Also we are receiving "View/" attached to the end of URLs

    As above we add 

    Redirect 301 /shop/retro-consoles-hardware/nintendo-gamecube-indigo-sku11/view/ https://www.videogamesjapan.com/shop/retro-consoles-hardware/nintendo-gamecube-indigo-sku11/

    Is this breaking any function to the theme or will it cause any future problems?

    3. Pages we have deleted or put in the trash we simply redirect to the homepage using:
    Redirect 301 /product/bloral-drint-dress-2/ /

    But, we would like to add a no follow rule in htaccess but my team are not sure how to do this.  Is there an easy code to use.  We have been reading to insert a no follow rule onto the pages that we dont want followed but we have deleted them so are no sure how to proceed.  Any guidance greatly appreciated.

    Thank you always for your support and patience.

    The Team at VideoGamesJapan
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