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Image title in Gallery

  • I have added few galleries to my website.
    And I have added title/caption and description of the images.

    I am using gallery view and the images are shown in a lightbox. but only the Portfolio description is displayed. The individual title/caption/description of the image is no where displayed..

    Here is an example of the portfolio "Lines"

    The portfolio has a description
    "Lines are the Alphabet of Art! Through energy and emotions and
    association with other elements they tend to create a meaning. But it is
    possible to enjoy lines visually without having to interpret them."

    This is displayed.. but all the images in the gallery when we look at them, dont display their individual title/description.
    I would like to display them somewhere in the lightbox. each image has a description that needs to show.

    please let me know how that can be done.
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