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categories & collours

  • I´m using Flying News already since 2013 and I´m still very happy with this theme!
    But now I have a little problem with catagories & colours.

    Please let me explain it:
    For my posts I always use (minimum) 2 kind of different categories at the same time.

    1) e.g. region1, region2, region3...
    2) e.g. product1,product2,product3...
    3) sometimes one more...

    Because it is necessary for me that the "region-categories" are always shown in the tab of the post-box (shown in the right corner) and I know that this depends on an alphabetic sorting, I used a little trick to put my favorite categories for me into the right order using an apostrophe before each "region-category" like ´region1, ´region2 etc...
    Until there everything works fine.

    Now the problem:
    Each "product-categorie" has a unique defined colour, the "region-categories" are set to "main colour". In my example the main colour is "green" so it is not unexpected that the little tab of a post is also green.

    But if the second categorie e.g. "product1" is defined as "blue" the excerpt is now no longer "blue" - it is green. Everywhere!
    It seems, that the first grabbed categorie dominates the colour of the other choosen categories.

    Also if showing all posts of categorie e.g. "product1" (defined as blue); all posts are green and not blue.

    This has never been a problem in the past!

    So please let me know what happend or better how to solve this "bug".

    On other words: the dominant colour must be the one of the post, not the one of the first grabbed categorie.

    Best regards
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