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One category will not populate its page + mega menu malfunction?

  • Hi I have 2 problems both are driving me nuts! and they may be related??

    1. I have one category - "£10>£20" that will not populate its page - it just shows "shop" in the page. If you click on mega menu "pedometers > "by price" the category is visible. When you click on "pedometers" > "£10>£20 it is not visible. 

    There is no difference as far as I can tell between this category and the other 18 or so I have, I just will not populate the page.

    2. When I try to change things around with the menus, eventually I get message "the given object ID is not that of a menu item" and my whole menu system deletes itself and I have to start again!

    Please help :(
    done it again
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