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How to Avoid Cropped Product Images

  • I'm not entirely sure this is a theme-related issue, and not just a deceptively tricky thumbnail-ing issue, but we are having difficulty in obtaining product images that aren't cropped in an unwanted manner. In essence, our images seem to be generating cropped versions of themselves, often cutting off much needed details. This only appears in the store/category views, and not in individual product pages. Is there an option to somehow adjust the product images' aspect ratios? Our's are a consistent 1.275:1 ratio, in landscape form, and are not fitting well in the default frames.

    In addition to the cropping issue, the thumbnails in smaller carousel-type displays are "squished" into improper proportions. 

    I have attached screen shots of both issues.

    Help would be much appreciated.

    best Regards, 


    cropped images
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