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CSS Theme customization on planing?

  • Hi Jaw and Team, first of all: I love your theme, it´s simple one of the best Magazine Theme including WooCommerce shop (clarity, usability, speed)  as well in 2015 :-)

    In this case, I want to inquire again, whether a CSS extension is planned, regarding adjustments to various new mobil devices (such as Iphone 6 or 6Plus or others). That's the only point, that looks not so good. I know from last conversation, that´s not including in your theme. But is there any way, or do you know anyone, who can solve this (maybe for money). I think, other web designer (that are not good in css customization) needs this feature too and want to pay - maybe as well.

    * Just a thought: Another possibility would be, to generate a new theme on a new platform with same features / layouts and automatic adjustments to all devices.
    At any rate, please give me reply, thanks a lot, Manfred
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