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Memory leak running large database

  • Hello

    After many weeks of using FlyingNews with a customized child theme, my site all of a sudden began throwing a fatal memory error. 

    I disabled all plugins, which prevented the error, but the page was still only partially loading. 

    My host company investigated and found that the page was loading tons of iframes/oembeds from the database

    I tried switching back to the default flyingnews theme (disabling the child), and had the same result.  

    I was able to run the theme successfully on a fresh wordpress database, and also able successfully to run default wordpress theme on my live database. 

    My live database has around 6000 posts and 15,000 tags, so my theory is that some inefficiency in the flyingnews theme is causing it to crash when used with a large database. 

    Are there any known issues with Flyingnews running on large volume databases? 

    Any advice for troubleshooting this? 
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