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Support is not responding to me!

  • Hello Again,

    I am still having issues, and your support department is not replying.

    I have a few issues that I need assistance with:

    1. I noticed that when you are on the "Articulos" landing page, beta.estylodevida.com/category/articulos/, and when you select one of  the numbers below each section, there is an error when it displays the page. The error is "File not found".  Please see attached file (estylo_error_numbers_articulos.png) for visual reference. Please correct.

    1b. On the pages, Articulos, Videos, and Acre De at the bottom of each page, there is a search result box indicating that the search did not return any results. Please turn off. See image (estylo_search_results_with_no_search.png) for visual reference.

    2. The comment icons that are on the thumbnails, I need to turn off. I was able to turn off the icon, but the actual number of the post counts is still displaying. Need to turn off. I have shut off the "user comments" in the theme settings, but the icon/number still appears.

    Please help! I've been asking for support for a few weeks now (since February 28), and the issues are not resolved. I have emailed you privately in the past, the login info for the site.


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