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Having A Few Problems With Theme

  • First of all, what a fantastic theme, but I am experiencing a few problems.

    1.) I have the Yoast Premium plugin installed on my site, and because of this I have turned off in-built SEO as instructed by theme documentation. Although I have turned off in-built SEO and kept Yoast, I cannot add a new post because I get a blank white screen after clicking ADD NEW Post. When I deactivate Yoast and turn on in-built SEO, I am then able to add a new post.

    2.) I have activated Login and Register tabs in the menu, and have assigned the proper pages in theme options. But, when either tab is clicked on, a quick drop down opens up instead of redirecting to the page that I assigned. I would like the pages: Login: http://www.solvibrations.org/login/ and Register: http://www.solvibrations.org/register/ to be the pages those menu tabs link to, but they do not. In fact, when you go to the login page I mentioned in the url, you could see theme login and register pages below it.
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