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Colors for Navigation Not Using Categories

  • Hello Again,

    I hope you are well today.

    You should still have the domain password/user name in your private mail for this site.

    As I build the site, I was curious if I could achieve the same effect on the navigation for each section/page as what the same effect is that is on the navigation when using categories as part of the main navigation.

    For example, I have a section on the navigation that is named "articles" with a dropdown/submenu. I would like to achieve the same color effect when you roll over the area on the menu, like with the categories, but I do not need the page, "articles" to be a page itself. Also, there are other items that are on the menu that are intended to be pages, but I can't get the menu to change color with the bar underneath when I setup the menu color schemes.

    So for my navigation, I'd like to have Articles pink when you hover, Videos area to be green, Acre de (about) to be yellow when you hover over them on the navigation. Videos and Acre de (about) pages need to be traditional pages, not posts.

    Is this possible?
    I hope so.

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