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DFP Ads + Some questions

  • Hello,

    I noticed in the gallery that the ad is not showing well when using DFP. I choose a 300 x600px but it only shows it partly.

    Also I see that there are 3 in post ads. However in the example this is 728 x 90 which is leaderboard size and if you look at an individual page the content wide is 696px so it won't fit. Is it possible to put other formats in and will the text write around for example a 300 x 250 ad?

    Can you use a different menu logo than the hear logo you want to use? Because when you scroll the menu logo pushes the menu items a bit on the side.

    I uploaded an image but is seems it is not in the jaw image? [jaw_image image="312"] --> This doesn't show it. Is uploading through the media library not enough for this?

    How can I alter for example the width of the sleekmag Instagram sidebar?

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